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Whether you are an individual with TS, a family member, a medical professional or researcher, please consider joining our registry. Our registry will be very important for the furtherance of research into understanding the mechanisms of Timothy Syndrome which will hopefully lead to new, more effective treatments, as well as a better quality of life for those affected.


CACNA1C Review Paper

2022 Literature Review of Timothy Syndrome and Non-syndromic Long QT8 Variants

2004 Cell Paper

CaV1.2 Calcium Channel Dysfunction Causes a Multisystem Disorder Including Arrhythmia and Autism

2021 Review

Update on the Molecular Genetics of Timothy Syndrome

TS Mouse Papers

Calcium influx through L-type CaV1.2 Ca2+ channels regulates mandibular development

Hypoglycemia Protocol

Dr. Paul Thornton suggests carrying this protocol with your child in the event of an ER visit

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